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Dungeon Quest #1

Dungeon Quest, Vol. 1

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One day Millenium [sic] Boy decided to grab his hobo stick, his bandana, and his Swiss Army knife, bid his mom goodbye, and head off on a quest for adventure. Joined by his best friend Steve (weapon: baseball bat; clothing: wife beater, cargo pants and sandals), they soon find themselves in a violent altercation with two other adventure seekers. It ends badly for their antagonists (“Whoa, check it out, dude! You actually knocked this dude’s brain right out of his cranium!”) and Millenium Boy and Steve become the proud owners of fancy weapons upgrades (a crowbar and a steel chain). So on they trek, and the next inductee to their group is the muscle-bound Lash Penis.

And then things start getting weird!

Readers of 2009’s Red Monkey Double Happiness Book will recognize Joe Daly’s delightfully unique stoner/philosopher dialogue and distinctive character designs, but the hilarious over-the-top Role Playing Game action (complete with periodic updates for each character’s status in ten criteria, including “dexterity,” “intelligence,” and “money”) propel this new story into a heretofore unachieved action-comedy realm. By the end of this book (the first chapter of a projected four-part epic), the trio has been joined by Nerdgirl the Archer, Lash Penis has nearly had his arm cut off, they’ve acquired a whole new nifty bag of tricks, and the menaces have become increasingly surreal and lethal. Where will it end?

Stay tuned for Dungeon Quest Book Two in Fall 2010!

136 pages, Paperback

First published May 1, 2010

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Joe Daly

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Profile Image for Jan Philipzig.
Author 1 book293 followers
September 2, 2016
Both an homage to and a parody of role-playing games, Dungeon Quest Vol.1 aims for some easy targets, but does so in a refreshingly offbeat and never presumptuous way. David Katzman has described the book as "Dungeons & Dragons meets Twin Peaks meets Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure meets soft gay porn while stoned out of its mind," which sums things up nicely. Awesome stuff, obviously!
Profile Image for Forrest.
Author 46 books802 followers
June 23, 2014
Beavis and Butthead meet Diablo II, but with brains, in this gonzo-stoner quest starring Millennium Boy, Steve, Lash Penis, and Nerdgirl the Archer. Millennium Boy sets off on an adventure to cure his boredom, while the others join him for no other reason than that they have nothing better to do. Eventually, they find direction from mystic guides and the discovery of portions of artifacts such as the cover dish for the Atlantean Resonator Guitar (found in the sarcophagus of "the infamous pirate, heretic, and sodomite, Mondo Piri") and the Penis Sheath of Disturbance. Hopefully, by now, you've figured out that this book is not for children. If not, put the down the Brometic Pipe of Awareness and the Banky of Swazi Skunk Weed and let *them* do the adventuring. You're probably better off just sitting in your mom's basement playing video games, okay?
Profile Image for Dave Schaafsma.
Author 6 books31.8k followers
November 24, 2015
Stoner profane roleplaying adventure game (D and D territory) graphic novel with either sophomoric or faux sophomoric (by which I mean characters depicted as sophomoric for laughs as opposed to just crude) characters, including Millennium Boy, Steve, Lash Penis, and Nerdgirl the Archer. Lots of penis jokes, drugs, and pretty good potty-mouthed dialogue. Good artwork throughout for action sequences, especially. I am not a gamer so didn't like it as much as I might have if I were. But I liked it pretty well!
Profile Image for David Katzman.
Author 3 books502 followers
September 25, 2012
Dungeon Quest is one tripped-out mamajama of weirdo Dungeons & Dragon’s reverence and mockery.

This review is for all three volumes in the series.

The story starts out odd and gets odder and odder as it goes. And odder. I’m gonna say it’s like Dungeons & Dragons meets Twin Peaks meets Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure meets soft gay porn while stoned out of its mind. You’d think such a thing wouldn’t have an audience. Would you? Okay, maybe it has an obvious audience. Well, obviously me, because I think it is wicked awesome and revelatory in its freakitude and brings back great memories. Of playing D&D in Twin Peaks with my bros Bill & Ted while high and watching gay porn. What? Just kidding about everything except the D&D part.

The black & white illustrations are beautiful with detailed backgrounds, dramatic lighting, and excellent form, movement, and facial expressions. Daly also has an excellent grasp of pacing and storytelling. If you like strange comic books and tend to the bizarro, you can’t go wrong with this series, which is being released as entire graphic novels and not individual issues. Three books out so far, can’t wait for the next one.

Dungeon Quest 1

Dungeon Quest 2

Dungeon Quest 3

Dungeon Quest 4

Dungeon Quest 5

Dungeon Quest 6

Dungeon Quest 7

Dungeon Quest 1

Profile Image for Sam Quixote.
4,649 reviews13.2k followers
September 18, 2011
Frustrated with homework, Megamind-lookalike Millenium Boy sets out on a quest with his pals. Along the way he kills some muggers, takes a book from a poet/drunk, fights off molepeople and skeleton pirates, finds a healing pool constructed by Jesus, and builds up his magic abilities along the way.

The book riffs on the standard hero/quest game books that have been around for decades. Millenium Boy and his group of adventurers abilities slowly develop as their quest continues like characters do in other role playing games.

The storyline is very playful though and it felt a bit like a James Kochalka/Beavis and Butthead cartoon. It's a fun read but I didn't feel it was as good as his previous book "Red Monkey Double Happiness" which I felt was written with more flair. "Dungeon Quest" retains Daly's wackiness and drawing ability but the story feels a bit directionless and arbitrary at times. Not a bad comic book by any means just a bit meandering, but it's a fun read.
Profile Image for Andrew.
743 reviews20 followers
July 24, 2018
Daly is a ridiculously talented cartoonist (his more recent "Highbone Theater" is wonderful) but hooooo boy the humor in this 2010 comic has aged like milk.
Profile Image for Zedsdead.
1,219 reviews77 followers
October 7, 2016
A boy with an irrelevant giant cranium gets bored of the California suburbs and recruits some friends to go on an adventure. They start off with weak equipment and low stats but gradually power up by slaying miscreants and monsters, looting corpses, and bargaining with the occasional trader.

The simple B&W art is clear and functional and that's about it. Reminds me of Dilbert.

The tone is very “fuck, bro, I’m a poet too, dude…” The word “fuck” appears about once per panel. I don’t generally give a damn about profanity but anything can be overdone. Ye gods.

The only thing that occurs more often than “fuck” is drawings of penises. Daly really likes penises, it turns out. Even the fighter character’s surname is Penis. Heroes, monsters, winos, if it has male genitalia you can count on seeing it sooner or…well, just sooner.

Dungeon Quest is occasionally funny but not terribly inspired. It’s at its best when the gang is fighting muggers and trading with winos. It loses some of its spark when they graduate to skeletons and lightly-penised mole monsters. A pleasant diversion but I won't go chasing volume two.

(For some reason Daly introduces a girl character to his party, then gives her one line in the entire book. It might be funny if it were a running joke but I think the author just had no idea what the hell to do with her.)
Profile Image for Nicole Cushing.
Author 41 books335 followers
September 6, 2010
The Good: Any parody of D&D has potential, and this first volume sets the stage for some interesting adventures. The Atlantean angle seems fun/interesting, with some potential.

The Bad: Flat characters (especially the seen-but-not-heard Nerdgirl). I have a feeling I'd have a lot better time reading this comic if I were a stoned 17 year old. Alas, since I don't smoke weed, I fear that my enjoyment of this little graphic novel series may be limited.

The Verdict: I may (or may not) read Book Two of this series. I won't lose sleep if I miss it, though.
Profile Image for matt.
644 reviews14 followers
October 5, 2010
I love the premise of this book:a real life role-playing adventure through the suburbs = brilliant idea. I also dig the strange, stilted drawings. The problem with this book is that there is only one interesting or developed character in the posse, and that Daly's idea of humor is not the highest form of wit. The guy is obsessed with penis. He likes to draw them and talk about them a lot in this book. That gets old pretty quick, but he never seems to tire of it. So if penises seem like a source of non stop hilarity to you, this book will make you very happy.
Profile Image for Chad.
8,979 reviews988 followers
May 4, 2016
A group of D&D players decide to go on a quest across town. From there they encounter weird variations of different D&D monsters mixed with the real world. Joe Daly is obsessed with penises. There are multiple instances where characters are walking around with their junk out. And I'm not sure why Nerdgirl even appears. She doesn't have a single line of dialogue or do anything. Anyway, it's an OK read, just not really my thing I guess.
Profile Image for Erik Erickson.
147 reviews7 followers
December 30, 2010
A fun read with good art, similar in style to Charles Burns. I'll have to look up if the author intends on finishing the story, I think this is a couple years old already.

Neat idea though, a role playing comic story.
Profile Image for Richard.
1,416 reviews47 followers
May 21, 2015
So this week I coincidentally read three books that were influenced by adventure gaming, something I have only a passing familiarity with.

This is surreal and fun - and it has a lot of dicks in it - but it left me wanting more, in the "That's it?!?!" kind of way.
Profile Image for eHawk.
499 reviews6 followers
August 6, 2012
pretty hilarious, especially for anyone with RPG experience.
Profile Image for Derek Royal.
Author 14 books72 followers
January 3, 2017
Joe Daly's unique sense of humor is on full display here. I wish Fantagraphics would release all of the Dungeon Quest books in one large volume.
Profile Image for Romain.
810 reviews50 followers
October 23, 2015
Savez-vous ce qu’est un Hack'n Slash ? Avez-vous, dans votre jeunesse, tourné avec angoisse les pages d’un "livre dont vous êtes le héros" ? Attendez-vous avec fébrilité la sortie du dernier Diablo ? Savez-vous que certaines personnes — des adultes pour la plupart — jouent ensemble à des jeux de rôles dans lesquels ils incarnent des personnages un peu à la manière d’acteurs ? Si vous êtes en train de vous dire "mais qu’est-ce qu’il raconte, qu’est-ce que c’est que ce charabia" alors vous allez avoir du mal à tout saisir dans ce Dungeon Quest.
En effet, l’auteur a construit sa BD comme le récit d'une quête qui est l’élément fondateur de tout bon jeu de rôle — Dungeon Quest est d'ailleurs le nom d'un jeu de rôle. Ainsi, chaque personnage se voit attribuer des points pour ses principales caractéristiques: Vitalité, Force, Mana, etc. Par contre, l’univers et les personnages — au moins au début du livre — ne cadrent pas vraiment avec les canons du genre. Les protagonistes ne sont pas des cruels barbares, des élégants elfes ou des vaillants nains mais des ados glandeurs et très geeks habitant un coin paumé des Etats-Unis. Ce sont ces héros d’un autre genre qui vont se lancer dans la grande aventure.
Vous êtes en train de vous demander comment une chose aussi improbable peut avoir un quelconque intérêt.
Pour l’intérêt, c’est indéniable elle en a, j’ai vraiment passé un très bon moment à suivre ces aventures pleines d’humour, d’originalité — je crois que j’ai déjà assez insisté là dessus — et, oui disons-le, d'érudition. Perdues au milieu des dialogues façon ado — d’ailleurs parfaitement adaptés en français — se trouvent quelques pépites.
Pour le comment, je me pose encore la question. La seule réponse qui me vient à l’esprit est certainement à trouver du côté de la gamification — qui est un néologisme désignant une "science" qui consiste grossièrement à se demander ce qui nous attire tant dans les jeux, puis d’en extraire les recettes fondamentales afin de les appliquer hors du cadre ludique.
Enfin, un mot sur le graphisme que j’ai trouvé à l’image du reste : un peu simpliste au premier abord puis, plus élaboré lorsque l’histoire progresse et que l’on s’attarde sur certains décors ou certaines perspectives. En conclusion, une très bonne série — elle comptera trois tomes — dont l’originalité n’est pas le seul atout mais qui est cependant à réserver aux geeks initiés. http://www.aubonroman.com/2011/09/dun...
Profile Image for Andrew.
61 reviews3 followers
June 18, 2012
I read Dungeon Quest out of order having stumbled upon Volume 2 first. That graphic novel was enough to entice me into reading the beginnings of this adventuring group and I am so very glad I did. Dungeon Quest Volume 1 is one of the most hilarious things I have read in a long time.

The story begins with Millennium Boy, bored with homework and television, deciding to go on an adventure. He enlists the aid of his friend Steve and off they go. After successfully defeating two thugs in a melee (Millennium Boy hates when you call it a 'fight') the duo realize they need to recruit more muscle for the party: enter Lash Penis and Nerd Girl, berserker and archer respectively. With the party rounded out they are off in earnest. A chance encounter with the Chief puts the party on the path to the Fireburg Forest in search of Chief's friend Bromedes to return his Penis Sheath of Disturbance.

If any of this seems normal or makes sense then you are the type of person who will enjoy Dungeon Quest . It has an understated black and white art style that is nuanced and full of little details that add enjoyment to the reading. The humor can be a little vulgar (expect plenty of F-Bombs and dick jokes) but Joe Daly clearly knows his subject matter so there are plenty of 'in-jokes' to keep fantasy/rpg/video game fans happy. So if you are looking for a quick read packed with plenty of laughs and a fantasy bent, pick up Dungeon Quest Volume 1 boet.
Profile Image for Alex Sarll.
6,388 reviews320 followers
February 23, 2016
I read an article asking the Saga creators for their favourite comics worlds; I think I'd read all of Vaughan's, and maybe one of Staples' - so I added the rest of the latter set to my list, and this is one. As the name suggests, it's largely an RPG pastiche, in which after every pointless fight our heroes have better stats and cooler gear, and in which major wounds just sit there bloodlessly until suitable healing can be found. The moody monochrome art builds a wonderful land in which standard suburbs shade seamlessly into skeleton-haunted forests. The characters, though, convince me less. It may be part of the gag that Nerd Girl, the only female adventurer, never says anything, and that there's a locker-room obsession with penises (which Daly draws in an especially unappealing fashion), but if so it hasn't yet paid off, and feels a little close to the puerility which often puts me off old-school alternative comics.
Profile Image for Joe Jones.
563 reviews43 followers
August 2, 2012
A fun homage for D&D fans. Millennium Boy is bored with his life in Glendale so decides to go on an adventure. He recruits Steve, Penis Lash and Nerdgirl the Archer to go with him. What happens next you will have to read to find out.

If you have ever played D&D or other adventure games you will get the humor and references. Just a fun graphic novel for fans of a certain age. This was volume 1 so you can bet I will be reading volume 2 next to see where the adventures take our motley band next.
Profile Image for Adam Smith.
285 reviews1 follower
July 28, 2017
I read a lot of these reviews and they all comment, whether in favor of or opposed to, that this is a send up/satire/mockery of a role-playing/RPG/dungeon crawler story. And while I can't disagree (I totally loved that side of things - especially when they would "gear up" and you'd see all of their new stats), I also feel that it was a commentary on the dangers of life for teenagers in South Africa. The first bad guys that they run into are simple ruffians. They also later encounter skeletons, which could signify the area's rough past. Overall, I enjoyed this tale.
Profile Image for Dru.
1,403 reviews8 followers
April 18, 2012
A great book about a couple of guys who start an adventure that slowly turns into a D&D-style quest. The art is a beautiful black and white and Daly never skimps on a background or a weapon. The only quibble is that a character joins the group and never speaks. Not once, not nothing. I'm not sure if this is on purpose, building to something, or if it's just same old same old.
Profile Image for Sagan.
256 reviews
October 26, 2013
Eh. This would have been a lot more enjoyable if I was into tabletop RPGs. This graphic novel follows the exploits of Millenium Boy, his friend Steve, and Lash Penis. Lots of dongs, overly in-depth character stats that I wasn't going to read through, and overall kind of irritating. Giving it 3 stars for the 3 humorous moments, and to balance out the fact that I'm simply not the target audience.
Profile Image for John Isaacson.
Author 8 books7 followers
March 26, 2011
Very funny and spectacularly drawn, with full backgrounds on every page, and comic-book exaggerated perspective, this book is breathtaking, funny, and intriguing. Makes me want to go on my own Dungeon Quest.
Profile Image for Harry Connolly.
Author 30 books628 followers
June 10, 2011
Profane, funny, violent as all hell. Four people get sick of their boring lives full of homework and TV, so they weapon up and go on a quest.

It's an odd world Daly is playing in here, but I loved it.
263 reviews1 follower
August 8, 2013
Fans of D&D and RPGs in general will find much to like in Joe Daly's "Dungeon Quest: Book One." While the stark and zany illustrations are a standout, Daly's dialogue has a zany and profane kinetic energy that is undeniable. Overall a clever opening volume for an epic adventure about to unfold.
14 reviews1 follower
June 28, 2010
Hilarious and crass, in the vein of Johnny Ryan, but possibly just a little bit more classy (a really tiny, tiny bit.)
Profile Image for Matt.
567 reviews6 followers
May 29, 2011
Words I will steal from other reviews... Crass, juvenile, stupid, perfect.
Profile Image for Ryan.
1,235 reviews11 followers
December 14, 2011
This is a great concept. Unfortunately, each volume is over too quick. I like the simple art style, nice clean inks.
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